Goddess Saraswathi is considered the supreme god of learning, art & education, children who  cross the age of 3  are ready to take the plunge for their learning journey and it’s the puja that commensurate with this .Saraswathi is also called Vak Devi  and she guides the kid  to overcome learning  disabilities and obstacles such as stammering. The process of Aksharabhyasam starts with spreading grains on the ground  and the child is  held by the hand either by the guru or the parent and the  alphabets and lingo  written on it, the child at the end of  the puja it is fed with some sweet to make it a great motivational event for him to take up education, learning and arts in his life

Best performed on Vijayadashmi day


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Ceremony Types House Hold
Estimated Time 1.5 Hours
No. of Priests No
Additional Information The price of the Ceremony indicated above is for 1 priest

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