Annaprasanam is an important  ceremony in a childs life, it’s the day that is chosen to feed the baby solid food. It is auspicious to give the child  a sweet made of rice, like  sweet Pongal or rice with sweet milk. It’s the beginning of the  journey for the child to start taking steps to eat on his own.

Who should do this:   Every parent must hold the child in their lap , both mother and father first feed the child, then all the parental relations feed the kid with the same rice in  very small quantity.

When you should do this:This is  done when the child is  5 months old , but for convenience it can be  combined with Ayush Homam when the child turns 1 year.



Note: This cost includes the standard list of puja/homam items

Ceremony Types House Hold
Estimated Time 1.5 Hours
No. of Priests No
Additional Information The price of the Ceremony indicated above is for 1 priest.

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