Go Daanam

Cow is considered a sacred animal in Hindusim, it is believed that all the deities mentioned in the sacred texts reside in the different parts of the cow, hence worshipping a cow is equal to worshipping all the deities.

The cow is said to have descended from the Lords abode of vaikuntha ( Maha Vishnu),  giving away cow as dhanam is the biggest of punya or pariharam, offering fodder to cows is also considred very meritorious.

Godhanam can be, giving away the cow as Dhanam, a cloth to cover the cow(vastram) and money to buy fodder for the cow.

Who should do this: Any individual who need abundance of peace, health & prosperity

When to do this: Auspicious Ceremonies, Birthdays and Anniversaries not limiting itself to any occasion

Benefits of doing this:  It is believed that , it can relieve oneself from all kinds of planetary afflictions in birth chart; remove negativity in life and blessing with marriage, progeny and prosperity. It can absolve sins of ones present and past lives; help mitigate the malefic effects of Sade Sati (7 &1/2 year period of Saturn), Ashtama Sani (Saturn in the 8th house) and Ardhashtama Sani (Saturn in the 4th house), Rahu – Ketu afflictions in birth . Further, it can ward away enemies and be blessed with divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi

Where do we do this Go daanam: We shall provide options to you to understand, based on your priorities we shall plan accordingly.

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