Hiranya Shradham

As per Hindu Dharma when an individual leaves for the heavenly abode, his blood relations are supposed to do his yearly /annual ritual. It is deemed that the departed soul gets its feed  on the thithi or the day every year.

The standard way to do the same is to do a ritualistic fire and a process of feeding called Shradham

Due to various circumstances the concerned blood relation of the departed soul is hard pressed for time in his worldly duties that he is forced to do a simple ritual.The same is called Hiranya shradham

Under Hiranya shradham food materials and Dakshanai is offered to the priest who  conducts  the ceremony.


It is important not to miss out on such deeds of remembering ones departed family members  every year as  appeasing them  helps in getting blessing for the prosperity of the family

 Note: Feeding the priest is a important part of the ceremony, the cost for the same is not included in this ceremony,if required please create a special request

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Note: This cost includes the standard list of puja/homam items

Ancestor Rituals Types House Hold
Estimated Time 1 Hour
No. of Priests 3
Additional Information No

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