MahaGanapathi + Navagraha + Mrityunjaya

Ganapathi homam is performed to beget happiness, prosperity and good health. Anyone who is desirous of praying to God to remove any obstacles in any of his plans (or) work (or) business and also to be victorious in his deeds can pray to Lord Ganesha. Ganapathi homam is performed to please Kethu and hence anyone who is in Kethu dasa (or) bhukthi (or) wishes to appease Kethu can participate in the homam. Performing Ganapathy Homam once every year gives prosperity, health and wealth.  

Shuklambaradaram Vishnum, Shashivarnam Chaturbhujam

Prasanna vadanam Dhyaayeth, Sarva vighno pashantaye."

 Navagraha means the nine grahas that influence the living of the human being. Navagraha homam helps in reducing the bad influence of these grahas.

நவக்ரஹ ஹோமம் ஜாதகத்தில் உள்ள  க்ரஹ  தோஷ  நிவர்த்தி செய்யப்படவேண்டும் .ஹோமம் செய்வதால்  தோஷங்கள்  நீங்கி  நினைத்த காரியம் கை கூடும்

 Mrityunjaya is an aspect of Lord Shiva and is invoked for longevity of life span and health in young people, for eventful recovery of those who are sick and   for the comfortable, peaceful  management of death  in the old age .

ம்ருத்ய்ஞ்சய  ஹோமம்  சிவ பெருமானை நோக்கி அகால  மிருத்யு  ஏற்படாமல்    இருப்பதற்கு செய்ய பட வேண்டும் . இந்த ஹோமம் செய்வதால் உடல்  உபாதைகள் நீங்கி அகால மிருத்யு வில்  இருந்து  உடல் ஆரோக்கியம்  பெற்று  நலம்  பெறலாம்.  





Who should do this Homam:  Head of the Family or Head of Organizations or institutions who are looking for  Success  and removing  obstacles in the direction of prosperity

 When you should do this Homam: 

  1. You are facing any obstacles or delays.
  2. Starting of any new Venture or project.
  3. Every year on any Anniversary, Birthdays of individuals or organizations.

Benefits of this Homam: the combination homam has longer effects and positivity towards  life, can remove obstacles in growth and  help in  achieving  bigger goals that are set as individuals or for business ,reduces Negative influence of malefic planetary positions , ensures longevity and  coming over critical illiness.

Prasaadam: Chakrapongal (or) Kesari – 200Gms, Modakam, Raksha

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