Dhanam is the foundation of Dharma, the act of giving without expecting anything but blessigs is called Dhanam ‘Annam’ means food; ‘Danam’ means the act of giving.

‘Annadanam’ is considered as ‘Mahadanam’ among the various kinds of danams. 

"Annapurne sadaapurne sankara pranavallabhe gyanavairagya siddhyartham bhiksham dehi cha paarvati". 

The legend has it that even Lord Shiva once experienced pangs of hunger when his spouse Parvati separated from him and she consecrated herself as goddess Annapurneshwari at Kasi for feeding all the living beings in the world, lest we all  suffer from hunger

Food is a key element in all celebrations, functions, pooja or homams and is revered by all. The stomach is the home of fire element, is one among the five panchabhutas.

Who should do this: Any individual or organization who is having human consideration.

When to do this: Any auspicious day, birthdays and anniversaries, not limiting itself to any occasion.

Where do we do this: We shall provide options to you to understand, based on your priorities we shall plan accordingly.





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