Owning a house or an asset in the form of building is dream come true for every individual, while great efforts are required to build your dream home or office ,Every individual  moves into such a dream home or office with excitement , hope  and aspirations, this traditional ceremony  is known as 'Gruhapravesam' and is performed when the owner moves into the new house / office

The whole function is done with various Puja’s starting with invoking lord Ganapathy‘s blessing, followed by a Navagraha homam, Vastu homam& Lakshmi Kubera Puja

While the Puja’s is being done, the kitchen fire is lit and milk is boiled by the lady of the house marking the happiness that will be flowing through the life

Who should do Gruhapravesam:  Individuals   who buy, build, construct or long term lease home or property for living and for work/office

 When you should do Gruhapravesam: Anytime of the year as per ones star signs, with pre-defined auspicious time  

 Benefits: By doing Gruhapravesam  the blessing required  for good fortunes  and protection from  negative vibrations that surround , there by bringing positivity  and peace to the place of living or work It also brings together a greater bonding  between family members ..

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Puja Types House Hold, Office
Estimated Time 1.5 Hours
No. of Priests 1
Additional Information The price of the Ceremony indicated above is for 1 priest

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